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Energi Biomassa

Energi Biomassa

Member :

  1. Dr. Dieni Mansur
  2. Prof. Dr. Yanni Sudiyani
  3. Dr. Ir. Syahrul Aiman
  4. Dr. Haznan Abimanyu
  5. Sabar Pangihutan Simanungkalit, MT.
  6. Savitri, MT.
  7. Deliana Dahnum, ST.
  8. Eka Tri Wahyuni, ST.
  9. Agusta Samodra Putra, S.Si
  10. Diam Burhani, MT



Indonesia is facing a big challenge to substantially reduce the dependence on fossil oil and to increase utilization of new and renewable energy sources in order to support sustainable development. The uses of fossil fuels contribute to increase greenhouse gas emission that affect to global warming. Indonesia, as a mega biodiversity country possesses huge potential of biomass. The use of biomass has not been explored substansially, while itcan be converted into biofuels, which would be substitute fuels for fossil fuel.


Contribute and support the government, communities and industries programmes in order to:

  1. Develop biomass based fuel as an environmentally friendly alternative energy source,
  2. Participate in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emission

Main Research Activities

Development of biomass conversion technologiesto produce biofuels, include:

  • Conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to produce bioetanol and biobutanol
  • Extraction and trans-/esterification of microalgae in production of 3 rd generation of biofuels
  • Co-/Pyrolysis of solid biomass for bio-oil production as raw material for biofuel

Potential users :

  • Government agencies
  • Industry sector such as : transportation industries, agro industries, etc.