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RCC LIPI Delegation Attended 15th ASEAN Food Conference in Vietnam

Administrator, 17 November 2017

[RCC News, Ho Chi Minh City] The 15th ASEAN Food Conference (AFC), themed "Food Science and Technology: Integration for ASEAN Economic Community Sustainable Development", was held in Sheraton Hotel and Tower of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 15-17 November 2017.

Not less than 400 participants from more than 20 countries, consist of researchers, technologists, business professionals, students, stakeholders in the food industry, and food business owners and managers gathered for the conferences.  Among these participants, it was estimated that about 50 persons came from Indonesia, including delegation from Research Center for Chemistry (RCC), Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI).

“This conference introduces recent achievements in food science and technology to strengthen product innovation and connects scientists, managers, and businesses involved in the sector, “ said the Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Quoc Tuan while addressing the opening ceremony. 

During the first two-day of the event, discussions around food preservation, food nutrition, food security, food product development, etc. were conducted.

As the Indonesian Focal Point for Sub Comittee on Food Science and Technology (SCFST) ASEAN COST, the Director of Research Center for Chemistry LIPI, Dr. Agus Haryono was also invited to attend this biennial conference. Agus brought delegation consists of four persons from research institution, universities and scientific professional society along with him. In addition, the dissemination division, coordinated by Dr. Yenny Meliana, also accompanied this delegation particularly to manage research promotion and cooperation.

Researchers from RCC LIPI presented their researches on food science and technology in the poster and oral sessions. Dr. Anny Sulaswatty and Arief A.R. Setiawan, M.Eng had an oral session that introduced “Innovation Readiness Assessment of Surfactants for Food Processing in the Research Centre for Chemistry – Indonesian Institute of Sciences”. While Agus Haryono also presented a research result on “A Study on New Product Development of Food in R&D Institution using Quality Function Deployment (QFD) by Considering Life Cycle Perspective: Case of Research Center for Chemistry -Indonesian Institute of Sciences“. The other researcher, Agustine Susilowati, MM presented poster with the entitled “Fermentation Process Optimization of Soy Beans (Glycine soja L.) and Mung Beans (Phaseolus radiatus L.) using Rhizopus oligosporus-C1 and its Identification as Source of Natural Folic Acid for Functional Food”.

In the second day of conference (16/11), Dr. Agus Haryono was acted as session chair of oral presentation in the Ball Room 1 of 3rd floor. There are 5 presenters including keynote speaker moderated by Agus, in the session themed “Food Physics & Chemistry”. The presenters came from various countries such as Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Phillippines, and Indonesia. The topics has arisen interestingly and invited further discussion, such as sythesis of fragrant compounds, characterization of Bread Fruit starch, risk assessment of plant food supplements, and detection of Borate.

During the mid-afternoon, Agus and supporting delegation from RCC LIPI held a meeting with ASEAN delegation and Indian Delegation. This meeting is to discuss a cooperation initiative between India and ASEAN, focusing on food science and technology. This meeting was also attended by Head of Cooperation Subdivision of RCC LIPI, Sujarwo, who has prepared some promotion materials to distribute in the conference.

After a couple of sessions had passed, the closing ceremony was held in the evening. In this event, some awards were given for best graduate student paper presentation, best food court and winner of food bowl competition.  Prof. Dr. Sc. Luu Dzuan, Vice President of Vietnam Association of Food Science and Technology then provided closing remarks and ceremonial turn over to the next host country, i.e. Indonesia. Prof. Dr. Rindit Pambayun, chairman of Indonesian Association of Food Technologist, come to the stages to receives the ASEAN flag. Rindit invited Prof. Dr. Nyoman Semadi Antara from University of Udayana Bali as the local host committee and Dr. Agus Haryono of RCC LIPI as the supporting committee for the next 16th Asean Food Conference 2019 in Bali, Indonesia.

Having give some speech, Rindit and other hosts performed Indonesian welcome dance along with supporting delegation from RCC LIPI and other Indonesian participants. Dressing Balinese traditional costums, they perform the dance attractively. Accompanied with theme song “Gemu Famire/ Maumere”, this dance was to invite all participants to come to AFC 2019 in Bali.

In the last day of the conference, participants visited food companies in the southern provinces of Binh Duong. They visited rice paper and rice processed products enterprise in Tien Giang and tea processing enterprise in Tay Ninh. <aars/p2k>