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Administrator, 20 Mei 2010

Most of countries in the world are commemorating International Metrology Day of May 20th, every year. We too, want to contribute to this special day in order to raise the awareness of the important of metrology, especially in the field of analytical chemistry. Therefore, after 2 years stop, “Warta Kimia Analitik” is published with “METROLOGY” as a theme that is intended for commemorating International Metrology Day 2010. I want to thank PTB-Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (Germany National Metrology Institute) for fully financial supporting for the realization. This special edition is dedicated to the late Prof. Dr. Sumardi who passed away unexpectedly in March, 2010. I hope all of the articles inside can help you, not only to give the knowledge about metrology, but also to broad the view to do the correct and traceable way for the practical application in routine analysis. Sebagian besar negara-negara di dunia memperingati hari Metrology Internasional yang jatuh pada tanggal 20 Mei setiap tahunnya. Kami pun demikian, ingin turut berpartisipasi memperingati hari yang bersejarah ini sebagai kesempatan untuk meningkatkan kesadaran masyarakat mengenai pentingnya metrologi, khususnya dalam bidang metrologi kimia. Untuk memperingati hari Metrologi Internasional 2010 ini, setelah sempat berhenti selama 2 tahun, Warta Kimia Analitik terbit kembali dengan mengambil tema “METROLOGI”. Pada kesempatan ini saya ingin mengucapkan terimakasih kepada PTB-Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (Nasional Metrologi Institut Jerman) yang telah mendukung pendanaan sepenuhnya untuk merealisasikan penerbitan ini. Edisi spesial ini dipersembahkan untuk mengenang Bapak Alm. Prof. Dr. Sumardi yang telah berpulang pada bulan Maret 2010. Saya berharap semua artikel di dalamnya dapat menolong saudara sekalian, tidak hanya untuk meningkatkan pengetahuan di bidang metologi, tetapi juga memperluas wawasan sehingga dapat melakukan pengukuran dan analisis rutin yang benar dan tertelusur. Salam Redaksi It is with great pleasure that I write a statement to Warta Kimia Analitik on the occasion of World Metrology Day 2010. The purpose of this day, is to raise awareness on the importance of metrology - in this case the importance of Metrology in Chemistry. Hopefully, the "revival" of Warta Kimia Analitik will be the beginning of a long tradition to inform interested parties about metrology and more. Since the commencement of the German development assistance about 40 years ago, the PTB International Technical Cooperation, has been active worldwide. In this time, not only was much achieved but also much was learned. The Technical Cooperation of today, orients itself on the requirements of the partner countries within the framework of a globalized world. To advance their economic, social and ecological development, partner countries must adapt their national quality infrastructure system to international agreements. in order to be able to participate in international trade, safeguard consumer, environmental and health protection, and enable a fair exchange of goods. The PTB, the National Metrology Institute of Germany, with 1 600 employees at the Braunschweig and Berlin sites, is a "global player" in the world of metrology. PTB is represented in all important international professional associations. This involvement entails the competence and obligation for PTB to adapt its consultancy and supporting measures to the international standards and best practices. The planned cooperation between the Research Center for Chemistry (RCChem) and the Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) will focus on Metrology in Chemistry during the next years. The cooperation endeavors to build a foundation for a national infrastructure to ensure and strengthen the quality of Indonesia's chemical measurements results. The creation of knowledge is one of the essential components of technical cooperation projects. This publication will help to share RCChem's knowledge. With the globalization of trade and economy the reliability of measurement results of any kind is of increasing importance. Measurement results are directly and indirectly involved in almost every aspect of daily life, and play an essential role in cross-border exchanges of goods and services between Indonesia and its trading partners. This holds also for chemical measurements. Chemical measurement results, are often used as a basis for important decisions and agreements, for example in food safety and environmental protection. Having worked with RCChem for only a short while, I am impressed with the energy and dedication of those responsible for Metrology in Chemistry in Indonesia. For the future I hope that these efforts will continue and that all partners of RCChem will contribute with equal dedication. Working together, I am certain Indonesia will establish a strong Metrology in Chemistry. My knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia is limited, but perhaps this will become a form of "gotong royong"? Best wishes on the "restart" of Warta Kimia Analitik! Andrea Ulbrich - PTB Project Coordinator